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SS plates:

Stainless steel plate is often referred to as 'corrosion-resistant steel' - it does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as normal carbon steel. It would however be misleading to say it is corrosion-proof. It differs significantly from standard carbon steel due to the amount of chromium present, which limits surface corrosion unlike carbon steel which will rust when exposed to air and any moisture in the atmosphere. Due to its anti-oxidation qualities, stainless steel is often a popular solution, where low maintenance and corrosion resistance is required, stainless steel plates are a natural choice and are used in a diverse range of applications from modern architecture for cladding or fascia, to the food hygiene industry due to its anti-bacterial qualities.

Stainless steel in a wide variety of grades and aesthetic finishes. There are many options available - for example adding carbon during the forming process will make the stainless steel more durable and stronger too.

At Whizzimpex, We offer a wide range of products which include stainless steel rectangle plates, stainless steel etching designs sheet, stainless steel perforated designs sheet, stainless steel various designs sheet, stainless steel perforated circles and stainless steel embossed sheets.

Being known for the best quality, our stainless steel design sheet are known for their unmatched quality and unbeatable price in market.

Industrial Use of Stainless Steel Plate from Whizzimpex:

Examples of industrial uses of stainless steel plate are listed below. Chemical and fuel tankers Chemical and petro-chemical plants Food processing and pharmaceutical industries where clean environments are required Construction, modern architecture

Stainless Steel Plates

The manufacturing stainless stell platein the industries such as quality brand.anufacturers, Stockist and Supplier of Stainless Steel 304 Flanges, Huge stock of standard Stainless

Stainless Steel Wire

The typical tensile of annealed stainless steel wire is about 90,000 PSI (pounds ... Broadly accepted to mean a wire with no metallic surface coating such as zinc ..

Whizzimpex has vivid experience inmanufacturing, supplying and exporting of best in class Industrial Nuts. Our complete range includes hex, heavy duty and lock nuts which are specifically developed in accordance to the industry standards and referred guidelines. While their usage is well known in several industries like automobile, construction, production and hardware, all our products are manufactured in order to meet their requirements in the best possible manner.

While we believe in providing world class quality in our products, we use graded raw materials while developing our products to ensure the same. We use wide range of materials like aluminum, cast iron,stainless steel, chromium and other metals to develop the finest range of Nuts fasteners. Moreover, to make these sturdier in construction, we do provide anti rust coating to our products.

Being a trusted manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of Fasteners, available in variety of grades. Our nuts and bolts have impeccable finish, accurate dimensions and robust design. Our Nuts and Bolts are used in variety of application such as chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing industries.

Our products are available in different sizes and shapes as per the client’s requirement and the offered products are manufactured from high grade steel as the raw material to ensure high performance and long term usage.

Our nuts and bolts are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:

Gas Processing Industries

Petrochemical Industries

Power Generation Industries

Food Processing Industries

Chemical Industries

Oil & Gas Industries

Fertilizers Industries

Sugar Industries

stainless steel with varying chromium and molybdenum contents to suit the environment the alloy must endure. Resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and familiar luster make stainless steel an ideal material for many applications where both the strength of steel and corrosion resistance are required.

Stainless steel is rolled into sheets, plates, bars, wire, and tubing to be used in: cookware, cutlery, surgical instruments, major appliances; construction material in large buildings, such as the Chrysler Building; industrial equipment (for example, in paper mills, chemical plants, water treatment); and storage tanks and tankers for chemicals and food products (for example, chemical tankers and road tankers). Corrosion resistance, the ease with which it can be steam cleaned and sterilized, and lack of need for surface coatings

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